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DESE Attendance Guidelines

The Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) has created a new way of measuring attendance.​  The new method, called proportional attendance, calculates each individual student's attendance.  The target for each student is 90% attendance.  Each school district is required to have 90% of their student population make this attendance mark.  This proportional attendance calculation is commonly referred to as the 90/90 rule. Previously, attendance was measured using a school's average daily attendance(ADA), which measured the population as a whole.  CHS has annually performed well on it's ADA.  For example, in the 2014-15 school year, CHS had an ADA of 95.2% which was 1.4% above the state average.  Using the new proportional attendance measurement, only 87.7% met the attendance mark.  With this measurement, students with a very high attendance rate do not help the attendance calculation as much as students with a low rate hurt the mark.  For example, if you have 3 students who have 100% attendance and one student who has an 89% attendance rate a school's ADA would be 97.25%, but its proportional attendance rate would be 75%  Both ADA and the Proportional Attendance rates are calculated on an hourly rate.

CHS Attendance Policy

CHS is held accountable for its attendance rate on the annual grade card provided by the state. In an effort to hold students accountable for their attendance, CHS is requiring that students meet the 90% target to be able to attend Prom.  While 90% sounds like a high number, it actually isn't.  At 90% a student could still miss one day every two weeks and qualify. With 174 total school days, a student can miss 17 days and still hit the target. Since attending prom is a privilege and not a right, CHS administration feels it is a reasonable expectation that students meet the state attendance target to be able to enjoy the privilege of attending this dance.  There will be an appeal process for students who miss the target but have what might be considered extenuating & unavoidable circumstances for their absences. Since this policy was enacted at semester, students will be able to use either their second semester or their entire school year's attendance to qualify.  Students are updated on their attendance status every two weeks. Parents and students can also see their attendance by accessing the Parent Portal on the Chillicothe R-II website  or may call the high school for updated information.

Attendance Reward

In an effort to not only focus on the small percentage who aren't meeting the attendance target, CHS has also expanded an attendance reward.  All CHS students who meet the 90% attendance target have the opportunity to be exempt from semester final exams in all classes. This reward was utilized by most students during the first semester.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication of those students who are choosing to come to school and to take an active role in their education. 

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